Are you and your partner looking to try something different to spice things up? I am genuinely attracted to women and very much enjoy their company. I love meeting with couples that are looking to explore a threesome fantasy together. I recognise that such an experience can be confronting for couples, particularly wives and girlfriends. I am experienced and professional, and very skilled at making everyone in the room feel comfortable. I provide a safe space for the two of you to explore your fantasies. This experience is about you and your partner, and I am here to ensure you both get the most out of it. I will be sure to speak with both of you beforehand to understand your expectations and boundaries.

I also offer doubles services with a select few of my sexy colleagues at The Boardroom (SWA 395BE). If you're wanting to spoil yourself with the attention of two, or even three ladies, feel free to ask which ladies I can recommend.